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Tunisia Culture
Tunis Culture
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Tunisia Culture

The first settlers in Tunisia were the Berbers who were followed by the Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs and Europeans. Hence, the culture of the Tunisia is a mirror of a liberal Islamic country which has the European influences in its culture. People of Tunisia are fluent in both Arabic and French, while English language is also being encouraged in some schools. The colorful culture of Tunisia can also be adored in the Tunisian craftworks, mosaics and music. Though the clothing style in Tunisia is much influenced by the Western style of clothing but the still you can see traditional style of Tunisian clothing in the villages or rural areas of Tunisia.


Culture in different places of Tunisia

The culture of Tunisia which has been filtered by the various civilizations is perfectly reflected in the culture of Djerba… more

The culture of Tunisia which is a blend of western thoughts and Islamic religious beliefs makes it a liberal country … more

Like other colorful cities in Tunisia, Monastir also embodies the prevailing culture which has been an important characteristic of life-style in Tunisia… more

The style of living in Nabeul reflects the influences of ancient civilization and the sophisticated European standards… more

Witness the diversity in the culture while exploring. Nefta is complete blend of various civilizations from the ancient history to the modern times… more

Sousse reflects the influence of Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs and Europeans civilizations in every aspect of life… more

Tabarka culture is the blankets, rugs, grass mats, bright Berber rugs and knotted carpets with decorative designs… more

Clothing in Tunis is inspired by Western culture. Traditional dress for the women is “Sifsari” and for the men is “Chehia”… more

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